ReBorn Online Theory Workshop

In this online theory workshop with your Dermal Educator, we will introduce the ReBorn system and discuss how this medical-grade technology works to eliminate unwanted adipose tissue. This workshop will not only serve as an educational guide to performing treatments but also explore why this innovative technology by Lightfective is considered to be the ultimate in professional non-invasive, fat reduction treatments.

Key topics that are covered will include:

Discover more about the mechanism behind ReBorn LED Technology and how it sets the benchmark for permanent fat reduction in order to deliver unprecedented results

We will discuss the LED applicators and how contact cooling increases client comfort and safety

Treatment indications

The art of an effective ReBorn consultation and how this impacts the treatment parameters for the various treatments that can be performed with this device

Learning more about the indications, contraindications and clinical outcomes

Understanding the easy to use the Graphic User Interface

Step-by-step treatment videos

Understanding what pre and post-care advice you will need to employ

FAQ’s answered by our Team of Dermal Educators

You will be able to complete your ReBorn IQ Test while competing on the student leaderboard for a top-ranking position. Digital Certificates, Badges and GBG HUB Perks will also be awarded to all students who successfully complete the workshop.

Once you have successfully passed your online theory workshop, we will be able to enrol into your practical hands-on workshop with one of our dedicated Dermal Educators. Your practical workshop is designed to optimise your hands-on Training experience. Class numbers are limited to a maximum of only four students, ensuring that you will receive the one-on-one attention that you will require to feel confident in performing the various treatment modalities. Your Dermal Educator will be ensuring you can competently perform all the various aspects of your treatment, answering any questions throughout the day to ensure you are able to receive your certificate of competency

All students wanting to attend the practical hands-on workshops will require their online REBORN Theory Certification from this module in order to enroll into their practical workshop.

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Module duration Duration: 1.5 hours