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Twist CIT Blended Learning Workshop

TWIST Online CIT Theory Workshop

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This Online Theory Workshop with your Dermal Educator will help you discover the fundamentals behind Collagen Induction Therapy as well as it's mechanism of action. You will also be guided through treatment indications, contraindications and homecare protocols that optimise treatment outcomes and results. Your Dermal Educators will also give you detailed information on how to safely and effectively use the TWIST® medical-grade micro-needling device to deliver clinical outcomes that reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as scars & unwanted stretch marks.

Key topics that are covered will include:

Learning more about collagen induction therapy and the wound healing response.
Discovering more about the mechanism behind TWIST® and how it sets the benchmark for microneedling technology in order to deliver unprecedented results.
Broadening your understanding of how the TWIST® affects the epidermis and the dermis.
Understand the difference between the TWIST® and a traditional CIT.
Learning more about the indications, contraindications and clinical outcomes.
Understanding what pre and post-care advice you will need to employ.
The importance of personal protective equipment (PPE).

You will be able to complete your TWIST IQ Tests while competing on the student leaderboard for a top-ranking position. Certificates, Badges and GBG HUB Perks will also be awarded to all students who successfully complete the workshop.

Once you have successfully passed your online theory workshop we will be able to enrol into your practical hands-on workshop with one of our dedicated Dermal Educators. Your practical workshop is designed to optimise your hands-on training experience. Class numbers are limited to a maximum of only 4 students, ensuring that you will receive the one on one attention that you will require to feel confident in performing the various treatment modalities. Your Dermal Educator will be ensuring you can competently perform all the various aspects of your treatment, answering any questions throughout the day to ensure you are able to receive your certificate of competency.

All students wanting to attend the practical hands-on workshops will require their online TWIST Collagen Induction Theory Certification from this module in order to enroll into their practical workshop.

Here is the module outline:

1. Workshop & Device overview.

10 min

In this chapter your will be provided with a brief workshop overview as well as an introduction to the TWIST device and what makes it one of the best medical grade CIT devices on the market.

2. The Science Behind Collagen Induction Therapy

25 min

Discover more about CIT, how it works and how it affects the Dermis & Epidermis on a cellular level.

3. Treatment Application & Indications

25 min

In this chapter you will explore the various applications as well as the medical and non-medical indications for CIT.

4. CIT Consultation, Contraindications & Precautions

20 min

Understand how to effectivly perform a CIT consultation, knowing your treatment contraidications & precautions.

5. CIT Treatment Recommendations

15 min

Learn about the key elements you need to take into account when performing a TWIST CIT Treatment: number of treatments, topical anesthetic, treatment environment & needle depth.

6. Treatment Aftercare, Complications & Boosters

13 min

Learn about treatment aftercare, potential reactions & ways to boost your results with treatment technology.

7. TWIST Step by Step Video

25 min

Build your practical "know-how" & confidence by watching these step by step training videos.

8. Your Frequently Asked Questions - Answered

5 min

If you have a few burning questions that you would like answered,? This sectioned will more than likely answer them, if not, you can always email our Dermal Educators at

9. Tell us how you found your training

2 min

Your feedback is important to us. Please review your resource folder to check out your downloadable resources, then come back and answer these 4 questions to let us know what you think.

10. TWIST IQ Test

15 min

Obtain your TWIST Collagen Induction "Theory Certification" by completing this quick quiz. You will get 2 opportunities to achieve an 80% pass rate. We wish you every success!

11. Self-enrol into your TWIST Hands-on Practical Workshop

3 min

Once you have passed your online theory exam and obtained your certificate, you will be eligible to self-enrol into one of the TWIST practical workshops held at our SYDNEY OR MELBOURNE based training centre. NOTE: If you are not based in NSW & VIC please contact our customer service team at


The following certificates are awarded when the module is completed:

TWIST CIT Theory Workshop
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